Orlando Bailey – Chairman

Orlando Bailey serves as the Chief Development Officer at Eastside Community Network (ECN) formally the Warren/Conner Development Coalition on Detroit's Eastside. Orlando's current role allows him to build strategic organizational partnerships, grow discretionary revenue, and expand resources for ECN that will enable the organization to better serve the southeast side of Detroit. In an unofficial development capacity for ECN in the second half of 2018, Orlando was able to facilitate over $100K in unrestricted donations to ECN. Orlando has noble values rooted in his faith and in his belief that residents are experts in their lived experience. He constantly advocates for the co-creation of projects, plans, and development efforts with existing residents and partners for sustainable and equitable neighborhoods.

Orlando believes that practical application of lived experience coupled with technical expertise could be advantageous to neighborhoods if properly facilitated. Orlando is also the host of Urban Consulate; a space where people gather to have critical conversations about cities. He's is a regular contributor to 105.9 KISS/FM on the "Mildred Gaddis Show" with his own segment entitled the "The Millennial Moment." Orlando has appeared on PBS's "American Black Journal," WDET's "Detroit Today" and has been featured in many local publications with ModelD, Detroit Free Press, The HUB and more. He's had the privilege to stand on many stages in his career including the TEDx stage. Orlando is Knight Foundation Fellow in their Emerging City Champions program with 880 Cities in Toronto. He was a part of the "Detroit Delegation" of PlaceLab Fellows that traveled to Chicago regularly for salons with Theaster Gates to learn about Ethical Redevelopment Principles. Orlando was also the recipient of the Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award from Eastern Michigan University.

Orlando serves as Chairman of the Board for One Detroit Credit Union and serves on other boards and committees all throughout southeastern Michigan.    

Orlando Bailey