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Refi My Ride is 1DCU’s auto loan refinancing program. Nearly two-thirds of the loans we’ve refinanced started with rates higher than 10 percent. You deserve better than that. Even if you have less-than-stellar credit, we can help cut your interest rate in half and - on average - put an extra $50 or $60 in your pocket every month. That means extra cash for groceries, to put toward a vacation, or however you want to spend it.

No Hidden Costs

The length of your loan will remain the same; the only things that change are a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment. No catch, no hidden fees, just better rates.

Quick & Convenient

The refinance paperwork can be completed in about 30 minutes. In most cases, once we have all the information, you’ll find out on the next business day whether you’ve been approved.

All Credit Scores Welcome

Credit Score isn’t everything. We don’t rely solely on credit history like most lenders do. Continuous employment, being up-to-date on your current loan and other factors can all help you get a lower rate with 1DCU.

Helping the Community

Our members have already saved more than $2 million on their auto loans by refinancing with 1DCU. That’s money going directly back into our local community, instead of into the hands of predatory lenders.

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Do you currently live, work, worship or volunteer in Wayne County?
Are you up-to-date on your auto loan payments?
I do not have an auto loan.
Do you work in the communicating arts field?
Are you up-to-date on your auto loan?
I do not currently have an auto loan.
We're Sorry.

Unfortunately, you do not qualify for Refi My Ride. At this time, we are only able to serve those who live, work, worship or volunteer in Wayne County and who are up-to-date on their auto loans. 

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You are eligible for Refi My Ride.

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*MANAGED RISK LENDING: In the effort to help as many members as possible obtain credit, we use a Managed Risk Lending Program with all lending services for those who qualify and are approved for a loan. Your individual loan rate will be determined by your credit history. It is our goal to make these rates (regardless of your past credit problems) the best rates offered by any lender.