Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an electronic deposit of funds made directly into a bank account rather than through a paper check. Eight out of ten American workers choose to receive their paychecks this way. Direct Deposit is easy to set up and comes with many benefits. 

Get Paid Faster

Direct Deposit often arrives in your checking account a day or two earlier than a paper check would be delivered. Plus, the funds are available for spending immediately, and there’s no need to deposit the check and wait for it to clear.

Automated Deposits 

With Direct Deposit, funds are added to your account without any action required on your part. No need to spend your Friday lunch hour standing in line to deposit your paycheck. Even if you're you’re out of town or too busy to make it to a branch, your electronic payment will go through.

No Lost Mail or Paper 

With electronic payments, you don’t need to keep track of printed checks or worry about your payment getting lost in the mail. Plus, everybody has a record of the payment, and it’s easy to see what happened in your checking account’s transaction history. You don’t need to manually write down details about a payment.

Better Security 

With Direct Deposit, there's not paper check that someone could steal, alter or attempt to cash. The funds seamlessly transfer from one bank account to another.

How to set up Direct Deposit

Ask your employer or HR department for a Direct Deposit form. Enter your Savings or Checking account number and the Routing Number 272078116

To find your account number, log in at or on our mobile app, and follow the instructions below. 

How to Find Your Account Number

  1. Log in at or on our mobile app
  2. Click on your Share Draft or Share Savings account. 
  3. Select "Details."  For Share Draft accounts, you'll use your MICR number (a nine-digit number). For Share Savings, you'll use your five-digit Account Number.

The Simplest Way to Manage Your Account

Deposit checks, pay bills, and manage your account 24/7 with our free mobile banking app! Download it in the Apple or Google Play store on your mobile device (search “One Detroit Credit Union” to find the app). 

Available on the App Store                      Android App on Google Play

Mobile Banking App for iphone      Mobile Banking App for Android

Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund

You’ll get your money faster if you use direct deposit for tax refunds. Tell your tax preparer that you prefer direct deposit, or provide your bank account information to the government when you file your returns. You can even split your refund into two or even three different accounts, making it easier to save some of your refund money. To provide direct deposit instructions, use the Refund section on Form 1040 Line 76b-d, or Form 1040EZ Line 13b-d.