Fee Schedule

Effective October 31, 2018

One Detroit Credit Union offers competitive savings and loan rates as well as a wide variety of services. Miscellaneous fees and charges are necessary to offset increasing operational costs. Maintenance fees can be easily avoided by supporting your Credit Union with your savings and financing needs. Transaction fees can be avoided by using the One Detroit branches either through the mail, www.onedetroitcu.org, in person, or by using Tel-A-Phone Teller.

Our maintenance fees are determined by the overall savings/loan relationship of the member with the Credit Union. Overall savings encompasses funds on deposit in the Share Savings, Share Draft (Checking), Club Magic, Money Market, IRA, and Certificates of Deposit. Note: New members have a three month grace period to build savings up to desired balance.

Maintenance Fees

Fees will be charged if your overall savings are under $500 and total loans are less than $3000. However, Direct Star checking accounts are exempt from a maintenance fee.

  • $4.00 monthly
  • Senior citizens and minors will be exempt from monthly maintenance fees.
  • You must notify the Credit Union if you are in one of these categories so that we may flag your account.

Transaction Fees

Fees will be charged when doing business at an outside source, which includes certain 24 hour teller machines and all Service Center locations.

Fee Schedule