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Business Services

Perk up your employee benefits...

...without increasing your benefits budget. It´s easy. It´s free. And, it´s good business!

Do your employees…

  • rely on pay cards for their direct deposit & monetary transactions?
  • need to establish a savings or checking accounts, but owe other financial institutions?
  • have credit challenges and would like to consolidate debt?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we have the solution!

As an employer, you can offer your employees the best financial services around—membership at One Detroit Credit Union! And, the best part of all is it won´t cost you a thing.

Employees need you in order to receive these benefits

Not everyone can join One Detroit Credit Union. Like all credit unions, individuals need to qualify for membership, and you can provide the eligibility. It´s free and it´s easy.

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