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Courtesy Pay

In order to continue providing you with the best member services possible, we are introducing improvements to our Courtesy Pay program which will make more members eligible for this service. The expanded eligibility requirements for Courtesy Pay includes 2 tiers:

1. Members with direct deposits of $400 -$799.99 or more per month will qualify for Courtesy Pay protection up to a $250 limit. Minimum deposit requirements will be based on your account history over the previous 33 days.

2. Members with deposits of $800 or more per month will qualify for Courtesy Pay protection up to a $500 limit. Minimum deposit requirements will be based on your account history over the previous 33 days.

Courtesy Pay Limit Required Direct Deposit
$500 $800+
$250 $400-799.99

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How It Works

For eligible members in good standing, we’ll temporarily cover the difference for transactions not covered by your available balance (up to your protection limit).

Cost: $35 non-refundable fee for each item paid 

Limit: Determined individually based on your monthly deposits

Am I eligible for Courtesy Pay?

To be eligible for Courtesy Pay, you’ll need to enroll, either in person at a 1DCU branch or by emailing your opt-in form to Enrolling in Courtesy Pay is free; you’ll only be charged when you use it. Your monthly deposits help determine your Courtesy Pay eligibility. Please speak with a 1DCU team member to find out if you are eligible. You must also be in “good standing” with 1DCU to qualify.

What determines whether I am in “good standing”?

To be considered in “good standing” you must have:

  • Valid mailing address on file
  • Minimum balance of $10 in your Share Savings Account
  • All loans up to date (no past due loans)
  • Members are limited to having only two of the three following products at the same time: MyPay Today, Borrow and Save, and Courtesy Pay.
  • Youth accounts are not eligible for Courtesy Pay.

What is the maximum amount of overdraft fees that I can incur with Courtesy Pay?

There is no maximum amount that can be charged. Please note that Courtesy Pay fees of $35 are non-refundable and are charged per item paid

The total of the overdraft (negative) balance in your checking account, including any and all fees and charges, is due and payable upon demand, and you are required to immediately deposit sufficient funds to cover the overdraft paid by us and pay the related fees.

Which types of transactions are eligible for Courtesy Pay?

Courtesy Pay is available for the types of transactions described in the section below, if you opt-in, as described in the next section below. The following types of transactions require you to “opt in” (in other words, you must provide us with your affirmative consent) if you would like to include them in Courtesy Pay. Choosing not to opt in may result in these transactions being declined:

  • ATM transactions

  • Everyday Debit Card transactions

  • Recurring debit transactions

  • Payment of checks

  • Preauthorized payments under our Bill Payment Service

  • ACH drafts

  • In-person withdrawals at a 1DCU branch

For additional information, the links below contain overview of the Overdraft Protection Service Available from 1DCU. For a complete explanation of Overdraft Protection Services and important information concerning your liability for overdrafts, please refer to the “Your Liability for Overdrafts” section of the account agreement:

button account agreement and disclosure               button overdraft web page               button overdraft brochure

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for Courtesy Pay, please call us at (313) 965-8640 and one of our Member Service Representatives would be glad to assist you.

? Click here to print and sign your opt-in form. ?

Once you have completed your form, bring it into any 1DCU branch, or send it to us via email here.