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Write Yourself a Loan!

That´s right, write yourself a loan - with One Detroit Credit Union´s revolving line of credit! It is a loan that is secured by your signature. Once you receive approval, you can access it at any time for any amount (up to your credit limit). You can pick up your loan, have a check mailed to you, have the funds transferred to your checking account, or you can use special checks issued by the credit union. With revolving line of credit, you can´t go wrong.

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Seasonal Loans

Looking to save extra money duiring the winter and/or summer months? Our Holiday or Summer Loans may be the right option for you. With a term up to 12 months, you can borrow $500-$3,000.*

  • Holiday Loan Offering: Nov. 1st - January 31st
  • Summer Loan Offering: June 1st - August 31st




*MANAGED RISK LENDING: In the effort to help as many members as possible obtain credit, we use a Managed Risk Lending Program with all lending services for those who qualify and are approved for a loan. Your individual loan rate will be determined by your credit history. It is our goal to make these rates (regardless of your past credit problems) the best rates offered by any lender.