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Becoming a Member Supports Your Community

When you become a member of One Detroit Credit Union, you become an owner, not just a customer. And you're instantly helping more people to access affordable car loans, to get out of debt, open new businesses and achieve their financial goals. The more members we have, the more people we can help access credible, fair and reasonably priced financial products and services. If each person has the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals, we can all thrive—together.

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The best part? It costs you nothing to help fellow Detroiters.

Your deposits are still federally insured and yours to do whatever you want with. Keep them in a savings account, build your nest egg with a CD, have funds direct deposited to a checking account, earn dividends, access credit, live your life.

It's a bank account that also does good. Just by being there.

How Membership Works

Our mission is to impact and change lives. We help people in our community who have been overlooked by the mainstream banking system by providing them with credible, fair and reasonably priced financial products and services. We welcome members who live, work, worship or volunteer in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw counties in Michigan. 

For membership, you are required to open a regular share savings account of $10 or more; after which, a variety of products and services are available to you. A completed membership form including the signatures of all joint parties is also required, along with a valid driver´s license or state identification card.

This life-long membership exists even after you have retired, changed jobs, or moved away!

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What Our Members Are Saying

We love our members and we want you to be happy. We're proud to serve thousands of Detroiters. See what just a few of them have to say about banking with One Detroit Credit Union. 

"[One Detroit has] been my credit union for more than 20 years and because of the loans I've gotten I was once able to buy a business and get where I am today financially." - Melody M.

"Favorite thing of 1DCU: I always feel as if the 1DCU team know me personally, as if I was part of a small town community going to the local bank." - Kenneth G.

"1DCU has been a part of my life for many years and no matter what financial problems I had they have always been there for me." - Joy L.

"1DCU has impacted my life significantly helping me to improve my credit and to be more financially responsible." - Okpara R.