Mobile Banking FAQs

Mobile Banking is the simplest way to manage all your 1DCU accounts and loans 24/7 from anywhere. To get started, download the app in your favorite app store. 

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How to Enroll 

Step 1: Enter your details


Step 2: Create a username and password

Be sure to read and acknowledge the terms & conditions before you hit submit. 


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication verifies your identity by sending an SMS text message to your mobile phone or an email to your address on file with a six-digit code.

Step 1: Login to your account

Enter your username and password as you normally would. A Security Check will pop up on your screen asking to verify your identity.

Step 2: Select email or phone

Choose whether you want to receive your temporary code by email or phone.

gif multi-factor authentication

Step 3: Enter the code

Check your email or text messages to locate the six-digit code. Open the message and copy the six-digit code into your login screen.

gif multi-factor authentication

You will not need to use Multi-Factor Authentication every time you login with the same device. This step will only be required when logging into a new device, or after clearing your cookies or data history on a browser. 

How can I update my address or contact information?

Step 1: Navigate to your profile

Click "More" on the main menu, then selecting "Profile."


Step 2: Scroll down

Scroll down to find your contact information, and update any fields you like. You may also change your password or update your e-statements preferences from this page. 


How can I block one of my debit or credit cards?

Blocking a card will prevent the card from being accepted as payment for in person transactions as well as any online or mobile transactions using your card number.

Step 1: Navigate to "Cards" menu

All your 1DCU debit and credit cards will appear as tiles on this page.

Step 2: Click "Block this Card" button

You can find this under the card name. 

Step 3: Click "Okay"

Your card is now blocked. You may unblock your card simply by clicking the "Unblock" button. 

gif block card

For VISA customer service or to report a card lost or stolen, call (800) 237-6211.

To report a MasterCard debit card lost or stolen, call (800) 754-4128.

Member to Member Transfers

Step 1: Navigate to "Transfer" menu

Step 2: Toggle to "Member Recipients"

Step 3: Enter their name and account details

You will now be able to transfer funds from your accounts to this member.  

gif member transfer


Request Skip-A-Pay

Step 1: Navigate to "Skip-A-Pay"

gif skip-a-pay

Step 2: Enter your name and loan you wish to skip

gif skip-a-pay

Step 3: Answer a few basic questions about your loan

gif skip-a-pay

Step 4: Enter your information and click "Submit"

gif skip-a-pay