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Easy Steps to Achieve Your Financial Resolutions in 2018


Ready to achieve your financial goals? 2018 can be the year you finally make it happen. From building your nest egg to becoming debt-free, we’ve put together easy steps you can take to make your financial dreams a reality.


I will:

Finally Start Saving for Retirement

Make it easy with: Save to Win

Save for Retirement

Starting a retirement fund from zero can be intimidating. Want to make it simple and fun at the same time? Join Save to Win!

Save to Win is a different kind of Certificate of Deposit (CD) that gives you a chance to win monthly and quarterly cash prizes, in addition to your savings. As your deposits grow, so do your chances of winning!

All you need to get started with Save to Win is $25. We can help you build up a minimum deposit for a traditional CD, then work your way up to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Call (313) 965-8640 or stop by any 1DCU branch to join Save to Win.


I will:

Build My Rainy Day Fund

Make it easy with: Direct Deposit

Emergency Fund

Did you know that more than half American families do not have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency? Unexpected car repairs, medical bills or other expenses can be catastrophic if you’re not financially prepared.

It’s easier than you think to start building up your rainy day fund! The key is to save a little at a time and use Direct Deposit to keep your emergency savings separate so you’ll be less tempted to spend it on something else. Every time you get your paycheck, have a small amount deposited into a dedicated savings account If you save just $10 per week, by the end of the year you’ll have your $500.

Call (313) 965-8640 or stop by any 1DCU branch to set up Direct Deposit.


I will:

Get Rid of Holiday Debt

Make it easy with: Club Magic

Holiday Debt

The key to avoiding a holiday hangover is to start early. Don’t feel like you need to have anything already saved to start saving.

Club Magic makes it easy to save for the holidays, so you don’t have to max out your credit cards. This past year, 1DCU members saved more than $300,000!

You choose the amount you want to deposit into your Club Magic account. You’ll earn monthly dividends on your deposits. Then, on November 1, the funds are automatically transferred into your checking or savings account so you can spend them however you wish!

Call (313) 965-8640 or stop by any 1DCU branch to join Club Magic, or apply online.


I will:

Improve My Credit Score

Make it easy with: Borrow & Save

Credit Score

We all know that a good credit score is important to secure financing when you need it, at affordable rates. If you don’t have a credit history, however, it can seem impossible to even get started.

Our Borrow & Save program helps you build strong credit - even if you don’t have a credit history - so you can secure financing when you need it, at reasonable rates. It’s a small dollar loan that includes a savings component. So you get access to the funds you need, build your savings and improve your credit score all at the same time!

Call (313) 965-8640 or stop by any 1DCU branch to request Borrow & Save.

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